Securely holding down the polka scene in the Twin Cities, The Brass Barn Polka Band is made up of musicians from Minnesota and Wisconsin. There is even a member representing the great polka history in Pittsburgh!


The band began as a few friends playing polkas and eventually grew into an eight piece ensemble. Bringing together jazz artists, a jazz composer, classical performers, and a composer for the modern concert hall, the band serves as a meeting point for the cultural backgrounds of all of its members. Every player's background enhances the young, hip, and intricate styles the band brings to the old traditional polkas and waltzes.

Blending the sounds of classical, jazz, funk, soul, folk, and more, the BBPB will keep your guests entertained, dancing and reminiscing about the good old days. Oktoberfests, weddings, private parties... all events are a success with this band!


Mike Marnocha - A Thank You From The BBPB!!!


In 1954 Mike Marnocha began performing with the Dick Rodgers Polka Band in Wisconsin and around the midwest. He has had a long career performing with several polka artists from Dick Rodgers to Mickey Vetter and performs with his own band.  In an effort to "keep the music alive" Mr. Marnocha arranged and composed volumes of polka music for music teachers Don Seigrist, D. Tom Busch and the students at Pulaski Highschool, WI, where they became part of the music curriculum.  They are an important record of Czech and Polish style polka music and an expression of the cultural heritage of the region.  The books were essential in the formation of the BBPB - the BBPB thanks Mike Marnocha for his many hours of work and contribution to an important cultural record.